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To whoever this may concern,
Alright, glad to have you here! My name is Blade-kun, and I'm the owner of Roleplayer's Delight! Very Happy Very Happy  Feel free to look around, introduce yourself, and whatever!  Before we begin, however, I would like to address a few rules. Very Happy Very Happy

So, here at Roleplayer's Delight, we have a few rules to follow.  These include basics such as courtesy, but go in depth.  We have a three strike system.  If you mess up, you get three chances.  I'll include what happens in each strike, and I'm constantly keeping a note on who's where.  Now, before I go too in depth, I will warn you, there are actions that can, and will, result in instant bans.  Also, you go down a strike every thirty days. With that out of the way, please read the following and enjoy your stay at Roleplayer's Delight!

Strike System:

Strike System with Consequences  Sad

Zero Strikes: All good!   Razz
One Strike: Warning!  Continuation may result in punishment!  Neutral
Two Strikes: Final Warning and a 24 hour ban.  Next strike results in true punishment.  Shocked
Three Strikes: 7 Day ban.  Anything more and you're out of strikes!  Mad
Game Over: Three month ban.  If second time, permanent ban.*  **Evil or Very Mad

*There are actions that will immediately give you a Game Over.  Putting pornography and other nasty things, threatening to spam, repeatedly annoying the admins and staff, etc., will cost you a Game Over.  However, pornography and other nasties do result in a permanent ban, so be aware!

** After receiving a Game Over, your strikes to back to zero.

- Blade-kun
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