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Hikawa Moriko

Post by Blade Akimichi on Thu Aug 18, 2016 11:21 pm

Well, time to get this show in the road (took long enough, so I thought I'd just start.)*

*Moriko is a WIP.  Things may change, be deleted, or added on.  This will cause the basic character design to change as well.

Name: Hikawa Moriko (Moriko Hikawa)
Origins: Japanese
Appearance: Moriko is a 5'4" kitsune with long blood red hair and piercing purple eyes.  She looks around sixteen, but is actually a couple thousand years old.  Her ears and tail are the same color as her hair, and the tip of her tail is white.  Moriko either wears a light blue and pink kimono and a pair of sandals or she wears a light blue hoodie, which is usually zipped up fully, a black skirt, black knee socks, and shoes.
Personality: Moriko is easily a kind, gentle person.  She cares deeply about those and loves and will gladly do what is asked of her.  However, if she becomes enraged, she goes complete psycho.  She will then hurt anyone in her way of getting where she wants or to who she wants.  This makes her much of a wildcard and caution is advised.
Weapons and Abilities: Moriko has a katana, which she practices with several times a week.  This makes her very good with a katana, and a very deadly force.  Moriko also has lightning and fire magic at her disposal as well as healing magic.  She is best at fire magic out of the three, but she still prefers a katana.
Relations with Others: None or kept hidden
Interest in Others: Little to none, likes people with red hair, likes to "socialize" with others she kidnapped.

Theme Song (Optional): Bad Intentions - https://youtu.be/9C74CoEqPGw
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