Rules for OCs and Arena

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Rules for OCs and Arena

Post by Blade Akimichi on Sun Aug 14, 2016 4:31 am

Ah, OCs, what wonderful things.  Funny thing, my name is an OC.  Anyway, I'm sure you've already read the rules and whatever, so you know what the basics are.  However, here are a few additional rules.  Also, same effects apply.

OC Rules:
No Mary Sues
OCs may have histories with others, but get permission from OC owners.
Keep it PG-13
Keep everything logical.  Don't have a character that uses water, but is weak to it... at least, not without a good reason (this is more of a suggestion).
No stealing and making a carbon copy character with minor changes
No insulting others and other acts of immaturity.  Instead, use constructive criticism and critiquing.
As stated above, use the two, but don't try to ruin it because you don't like the OC or some other stupid reason.

Battle Arena Guide
- Turn based combat
- Means of combat and damage may be decided by competitors.
- One action per turn (ie. No healing, then attacking before ending your turn)
- Means of victory can be decided by competitors
- Teams must be even
- Play like you would in an RPG
- Have fun

- Blade-kun
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