Important Art Rules

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Important Art Rules

Post by Blade Akimichi on Sun Aug 14, 2016 8:49 pm

Honestly, same rules as usual. However, I am granting some leeway since I feel nice. You want to make 18+ art, you can. The requirements are that you include the fact it's 18+ because I'm not going to be responsible if a minor wanders onto here out of curiosity and is scarred from that. Now, I'm going to address art of other people.

Ex: Someone wants to make art of them and me. They would need my permission. Also, art can be made for other people as well, with, once again, their permission. That means anyone says no, respect that choice. Failure to comply may result in a strike.

Reference Art
Reference art may be used, provided you show the links to them. As stated above, if it is 18+, mention that please. I really don't want to ban or give or strikes, depending on how bad it is... and this is not an excuse to post porn.

Posting Pornography as Art
If reference art or art made by you is pornography, I will give you no mercy. If it is 18+ (and not porn or hentai), please censor it. It would make everything better.

- Blade-kun
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