Meet Me: Admin Blade-kun

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Meet Me: Admin Blade-kun

Post by Blade Akimichi on Mon Aug 15, 2016 1:30 am

Hello, everyone, I am the owner, Blade-kun! Here's a bit about me.

Name: Blade
Age: 18
Brief History: Personally, I have grown up without much human interaction aside from family and my few friends (I'm an introvert). I grew up with a younger sister, but I didn't interact with her that much since she was like a polar opposite to me. Therefore, I spent most of my time in my room when not at school or whatever, playing games like Pokemon and Fire Emblem, as well as many other for games. When I was 16, I became quite lonesome, so I adopted a dog, who I named Marth (he's a beagle, and a loving one at that). Anyone get the reference? Anyway, I've always wanted to be a game developer, so when I'm not on here or taking care of my basic needs, I'm doing work or studying online at my online college.
Likes: Anime, video games, playing with Marth, maintaining the forum, spending time with friends, polishing my katana, playing my electric guitar, watching trials, listening to music
Dislikes: Forced human ineraction, sleeping (insomnia), pointless distractions, pointless death, when others try to steal my dar- the one I love dearly
Favorite Color: Blood, er, red
Blade Akimichi
Blade Akimichi
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